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# What is cwg
cwg is image gallery creator GNU Bash script. I wrote it with one thing in my mind: simplicity. It uses ImageMagick for image manipulation so you will have to install it. Anyway script will alert you if you dont have nessesary thins for start!

# What image types are supported?
Tricky question. By default cwg uses identify for information about picture geometry (in X and Y sizes). Since there are various image formats arround there should be many commands for geometry info so i picked JPG/JPEG format as only supported format in cwg script. Why? Well im lazy to write so much code. Anyway you can use many programs to convert your BMP|TIF|TGA|PNG|SVG|RAW images to JPEG. Then just start cwg and voila.

# How does it exactly works
Here are the steps for gallery creation in cwg:

  1. 1. First you need to give information about gallery name, thumbnail size, full image size + quality of converted pictures (for thumbs and full size images) and name of gallery author.
  2. 2. Script will ask you to confirm entered informations. So if dont like something just change it.
  3. 3. After confirmation, script will create gallery directories (spaces in name will became _ and any "ilegal characters" like !"#"%&/()=?đšžć will be removed from gallery name. Basically you wil get numbers, letters and _).
  4. 4. In newly created directories, script will copy images and then convert them to desired size, thumbnail size and it will change quality of converted images. Bad characters (described abouve) will be removed from image names too! Note: Script will not create thumbnails if thumbnail size is larger than the original picture itself. This goes for full size images too so there is no worry :)
  5. 5. After all above, permalinks for every single image will be created.
  6. 6. After permalinks creation, script will create index page and it will display it to the user (if they filled their cwg configuration nice :P).

!! Please note: step 4 is called for every single image. So basically when script process one picture in step 4 it will start again for next picture.

# Where can i see galleries created with this script?
Galleries created with this script:
  1. - Test - This gallery is using "sog_black" theme;
  2. - Test 2 - This gallery is using "plain_liquid" theme.

# Anything else?
Well, there are one "issue": code was first in Serbian in total but i changed some parts so i can create translations but core source (function names, vars etc.) are still in Serbian. I will not change this since there was no complains about this.
Also notice this: wehn you input image gemoetry (in script prompt) you will need to enter X size only (so for 1024x768 you will enter 1024, for 1600x1200 you will enter 1600 etc). This way script will create galleries with good image resize ratio (some pictures use 16:4, some 8:9...).

# TODO list
- Setting up translations and fixing them [Done]
- Adding support for more image types
- Speeding up the script [Done]
- Fixing theme issues [Done]
- Adding CSS3 themes [Done]
- Improving documentation [Done]
- Adding option to display filename on index of gallery [Done]

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